Production Perspectives


Initial plans call for providing 300 parking spaces on-site, including 260 spaces that will be part of an underground garage. Traffic concerns and problems are nothing new for Pacific Grove. A popular destination for tourists coming down from the greater Bay Area for a weekend, as well as vacationers coming in for a longer period of time, Pacific Grove already experiences traffic congestion mostly because there are only two ways in and out of the city — Lighthouse Avenue to Monterey and Holman Highway to Highway 1. “Traffic is a perennial concern of residents because of only two outlets,” said Pacific Grove Mayor Bill Peake. “When any significant development is proposed, traffic is always part of the discussion.” Even on workdays the commute traffic going through the tunnel on Lighthouse Avenue can be a source of frustration for motorists. “The traffic is bad enough during commute hours (starting at 2 p.m.) at the David Avenue/Central Avenue/Lighthouse stoplights,” wrote Pacific Grove resident Anne Wheelis in the notice. “Traffic leaving Pacific Grove is often backed up past Eardley onto upper Lighthouse. The trip up Eardley across Central is a hazard now — it will be much worse with the addition of more than 200 cars leaving the hotel’s parking lots.” Kimley-Horn and Associates, the environmental impact report preparer for the hotel developer Comstock Homes, responded to the comments in the draft report with mitigation measures if needed. “We read the draft (environmental impact report) and the public comments,” said Debra Geiler, vice president of entitlements and forward planning for Comstock.

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